Reduce insect transmitting human diseases with natural solutions

Bionourish’s new line of microbial solutions for vector management is eco-friendly, effective, and significantly reduces the use of chemical pesticides in public health.

Bionourish’s public health solutions employ natural approaches that can help in keeping all types of environments free of disease-carrying pests such as mosquitoes, sandflies, biting midges, black flies and other insects. We design customised insect management solutions that are suited to each individual customer’s requirements.

BtOur expert team employs natural methods for controlling mosquitoes and other biting insects, such as ecological management, monitoring traps, pheromones, bacterial and fungal bioprotectants, always using a tailored approach to suit the environment in question.


Bionourish offers bioinsecticides for both larval and adult mosquitoes , midges, sandflies and ticks as part of IPM, effectively reducing populations for a sustainable environment.